Farm Runners is a regional food distributor specializing in custom-harvested farm products. We serve the Roaring Fork, Gunnison, and Grand Valleys of Colorado with local food year-round.

We are based in Hotchkiss, CO, where we have been building lasting relationships with farmers since 2012. We help new and established family farms find a market for their product while making it easier for consumers to access the amazing food grown here in Western Colorado.

Our Values

Our Team

Our founding team has devoted our lives to farming and food. We have all spent extensive time working on farms, learning the business from the ground up. Our collective experiences give us a distinct understanding of our local growing conditions, unique varietals, and the strengths of each of our producers.

Emma Stopher-Griffin and Matthew Kottenstette

Emma and Matthew Kottenstette


Emma and Matt came to the North Fork Valley in 2012 to work on small farms. They quickly fell in love with the valley and it’s rich agricultural traditions. They founded Farm Runners in 2015 to help bridge the gap between farmers on the Western Slope and their customers in the mountains.

Emma is the chief business guru. She keeps the ship running straight. Matt is the chief operations master. He keeps the trucks on the road and orders coming in.

Katie Darlington

Katie joined Farm Runners in the winter of 2017. After farming for years in Pennsylvania and Washington, she returned home to Colorado to settle in the North Fork Valley. When she’s not visiting with farmers, packing produce, or coordinating the CSA, she can probably be found in her kitchen, cooking up the season’s bounty.

Katie Darlington
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Brandy – CSA Co-Manager & Retail Associate

Dana – Retail Associate & Pack House Team Member

David – Driver

Elisa ~

Always in our hearts



Emma – Co-Founder & Accounting Manager

Hannah – Founder & Baker of Blue Sky Baking

Jadd- Assistant Chef & Pack House Lead

Jamie – Assistant Chef

Julia – Driver Manager & ASE Manager

Katie – Produce Manager & CSA Co-Manager 

Lara – Purchase Manage & Retail Associate
Matthew - Co-Founder & Sales Manager

Matthew – Co-Founder & Sales Manager

Michael – Pack House Team Member

Rylan – Driver

Taylor – Retail Associate & Pack House Team Member

Teronce – Retail Associate & Pack House Team Member

Vicki – Blue Sky Assistant Baker