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Become a Farm Box Customer

Individuals can order a la carte from our online marketplace or subscribe to a weekly seasonal box. All of the products offered to Farm Box customers are grown organically (though not always certified) by local family farms. Your order will be custom harvested and packed in a reusable insulated bag. Farm Boxes are delivered every Thursday (around noon) to the pickup location in your community.

Pickup Locations

Gunnison: Double Shot Cyclery (222 N. Main St)

Crested Butte: Misty Mountain Too flower shop (717 6th St B, in the Clark’s Market shopping center)

Hotchkiss: Farm Runners Station (235 Highway 133)

Pickup Instructions

You will receive a text notification when your order has been delivered. Your order will be packed in a blue insulated bag with your name on top. Please bring your own bag to transfer your order in to or remember to return your blue bag the next time you come to pick up.

Please pick up your order by closing time on the drop-off day. All unclaimed bags will be donated at the owner’s expense.

Sign Up for a Farm Box Account
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Become a Wholesale Customer

Are you a restaurant, retail store, or institution looking to source local food? With Farm Runners, you will receive a single weekly product list from multiple farms across the Western Slope of Colorado. Orders can be placed through our online ordering platform or via email. Your orders will be custom harvested and delivered to your doorstep weekly.

Request a Wholesale Account
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Growing For Us

Farm Runners is always looking to expand our product offerings.¬†We help producers spend more time growing food and less time worrying about logistics –offering production planning assistance, aggregation of orders, and on-farm pickups. If you are a producer who would like to sell through Farm Runners, please start by filling out our Farmer Questionnaire.

Farmer Questionnaire