Why Work With Us?

We are in love with food!

We love high quality food and the stories about it. We love the people who produce it and the places it comes from.


This is our passion.

We’ve dedicated our lives to understanding farming and the high-quality food that can be produced.


We know we can grow together.

When you support your local farmers who produce quality food you create a better environment for you customers and your community.


We value quality.

Dedication to quality means quality food, quality service and quality relationships.


We want to earn your trust, everyday.

In all ways, we pledge to be reliable and honest.


Our goal is to have you as our customer for a lifetime.

The easiest means to having you as our lifetime customer is by offering you the best food with with best service to help you enrich your environment as well as discover and expand your tastes.


Our Promises

Reliability: We are dedicated to offering the best quality service on a schedule that you can depend on. Quality: We will offer a diverse selection of seasonal foods that will always be from regional family farms. Transparency: We feel that it is important that you lean about the products we offer. We cannot wait to share the stories about the farms and farmers behind all of the products that we offer. We believe the more you know the more you will enjoy.


With all the being said, we look forward to working with you this season and many more to come.

~Emma and Matthew